& Theatre Consultancy

Symposium on Translating and Adapting for the Stage

member of panel, Queen’s University, Belfast/Linehall

Library, October 2003

BBC Radio 4

11 August 2003, interview for Front Row arts review  programme

on the tradition of Chekhov translation and adaptation in

British theatre in connection with my work on Katie Mitchell’s productionof Three Sisters at the National Theatre

‘Chekhov in the Theatre: the Role of theTranslator in

New Versions’

International Translation Symposium,

University of Surrey, May 2003

The Author (Journal of the society of Authors) ‘Lost in Translation’ -

on the role of the literal translator

in the theatre(Spring 2002)

Discussion panel member for ‘Translating for the Theatre’,

Translation Days (annual conference of British translators,

South Bank, 2002)

Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English

(2001, Fitzroy Dearborn): entries on ‘The Role of the Literal

Translator’ and ‘Chekhov in Translation’

Helen with her treasured copy of

Penguin Classics’ Lady  with Lapdog

and other stories by Chekhov.


Anthony Moore/Oxford Mail/Limited Edition

Artists and Admirers

by Ostrovsky, for Kevin Elyot (1992 RSC)

director Phyllida Lloyd

Three Sisters

by Chekhov, adapted and directed

by John Barton (1988 RSC)

The Petty Bourgeois

by Gorky, for Dusty Hughes

(1983 RSC)

director John Caird


by Bulgakov, for Dusty Hughes

(RSC 1982 and BBC1 TV) director

Bill Alexander

The Cherry Orchard

by Chekhov for Trevor Griffiths

(Nottingham Playhouse

1975 and BBC1 TV) directorBill Alexander


8 November 2008 talk on literal translation for the theatre at 8th Translators’ Conference, University of Portsmouth

‘Translating Chekhov for the Theatre’

essay in Bridging Cultural Divides: Voices in Translation,

editor Gunilla Anderman, Multilingual Matters, 2007

Anton Chekhov 1860-1904