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Mary on her press viewing easel at the National Portrait Gallery unveiling

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February 2005 leader article in History Today, ‘The Invitation That Never Came: Mary Seacole after the Crimea’. You can read this article at:

June 2005 Historical consultant and ‘talking head’ for The Real Angel of the Crimea -

a Mary Seacole documentary made by October Films in Seacole’s Bicentenary year.

Transmitted 26 June. See:

July 2006 the Seacole portrait appeared on a British postage stamp - the first named black person to be honoured in this way. See:

Since 2004 I have lectured about Mary Seacole’s life and work and the discovery of the portrait on

a regular basis:

Mary Seacole: Separating Myth from Reality in the Search for the Real Woman.

Mary Seacole Study Day at the Florence Nightingale Museum, St Thomas’s Hospital, London, 21 October 2004.

Talks on Mary Seacole and my discovery of her lost portrait, for the National Portrait Gallery

(6 September 2005), Manchester and Birmingham City Art Galleries October 2005 and February 2006, in conjunction with the loan of the portrait to a touring exhibition:

Black Victorians: Black People in British Art. See:

‘A Portrait of Mary Seacole’ lecture at Citigroup, Canary Wharf, for Citigroup Roots in support of Black History month, 16 October 2006

For further information on Mary Seacole and

Women’s Nursing in the Crimean War,

visit the Florence Nightingale Museum at

St. Thamas’s Hospital, London




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