Conspirator -Lenin in Exile
Conspirator Lenin in Exile



Conspirator is the compelling story of how Lenin endured seventeen long and often difficult years in exile, living a hand-to-mouth existence, working towards the upheaval that in 1917 transformed the political landscape of Europe: the Russian Revolution. 

Always on the move, he lived at various times in Paris, London, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, as well as the backwaters of rural Poland and Finland. 

On a wider level, this book charts the life in exile of various European enclaves of Lenin’s colleagues in the Russian revolutionary movement  – their hopes, their dreams, their quarrels, their extraordinary, rootless existence and the many risks they took in trying to smuggle illegal literature into Russia and spread their message.  


UK: Hutchinson, 3 September 2009

US: Basic Books, 3 April 2010



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II have just read what is probably the best biography of Lenin  and indeed one of the best biographies of anyone that I have read. This is Helen Rappaport’s Conspirator: Lenin in Exile. The many other Lenin biographies are either hagiographies or cold war anti-communist rants. Helen Rappaport treats Lenin like a human being…

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