The Victoria Letters:


The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen

The Victoria Letters: The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen  Published 6th October 2016

Published 6th October 2016

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Helen’s 13th book

is the official companion to ITV's hotly anticipated new drama,  on which Helen worked as

Historical Consultant.

The Victoria Letters delves into the private writings of the young Queen Victoria, painting a vivid picture of the personal life of one of England's greatest monarchs.

From the producers of Poldark and Endeavour, ITV's Victoria follows the early years of the young Queen's reign, based closely on Victoria's own letters and journals and numerous new and previously unseen accounts of the queen found by Helen in the course of her research.

At only 18 years old, Victoria ascended the throne as a rebellious teenager and gradually grew to become one of the most memorable, unshakeable and powerful women in history.

The book reveals Victoria's own thoughts about the family dramas and court scandals during her early reign, it also delves into the running of the royal household, upstairs-downstairs relationships, and what it was like to live in Victorian England.